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In School Programming

Beginning in 2018 our Narrative Thread Project has been sending performance readers to 5th grade classes in title one schools. The goal is to immerse and engage student readers in a story that provides opportunities for representation, laughter, and chances to learn and grow into their classwork by developing a life-long love of reading. Click here to find out more about this innovative program.

Camp Half-Blood

Since 2006 Camp Half-Blood has been training demigods how to be creative problem solvers and inclusive community builders. Everything our campers touch during the day is wrapped up in story. Story is essential to everything we do. Sword training, archery, daily quests and battles against ancient evil help campers to navigate everyday life with a more expansive world view.

Book Talks

Going out into schools, Topher Bradfield has a 15 year history of performing and talking with kids about some of his favorite new books. Where Topher goes, whimsy, magic, a little bit of mayhem, and an irrepressible love of reading are sure to follow! (So if you’re registered for Camp Half-Blood, maybe you can get him to tell you about some of the books he’s excited about for the season.)