In 2005, Rick Riordan published Percy Jackson and the Olympians to critical acclaim, and in 2006, Topher Bradfield brought it to life, growing Camp Half-Blood from 55 kids to over 1,200 campers in 2018. Campers unplug from their devices to experience sword training, archery, monster battles, music courses, spoken-word poetry, and epic quests for a week in a state park, living as “demigod” companions of Percy Jackson and his friends.

After more than a decade of sell-out summers, the team behind the summer camp founded Between the Pages to bring the transformative experience to more children—especially those who could not access the camp in its prior format. Between the Pages extends the success of the Camp Half-Blood summer program into schools with year-round programming that immerses children in book-based play and cooperative problem-solving.


We use books as tools to immerse at-risk and avid readers in an engaging recreation of their favorite books, fostering literacy, creative play, and cooperative problem solving.


To empower children to discover a lifelong love of reading, bringing books to life using diverse characters and stories that equitably represent the Austin area.


Paving the Way to a Brighter Future One Book at a Time

Between the Pages was inspired by the desire to provide equal and equitable access to our programming resources to a more diverse base of students and campers.


The veteran camp staff and camp director Topher Bradfield at Camp Half=Blood felt that we’d grown as far as possible as a for-profit camp.


We evaluated our camper base, staff and books, and we saw they were not as diverse as we should have been. In order to grow, we also needed to change and become more of a reflection of the community we were striving to serve, and a move to a non-profit status was an important step to expanding our reach and impact.