In the Fall of 2018, Between the Pages began our pilot program in two title one schools in under-served communities in the Austin area. We developed a partnership with Disney Publishing and Rick Riordan Presents to provide diverse books for our student readers that are reflective of their culture and experiences. Representation is the cornerstone of the Narrative Thread Project. Every child deserves to see themselves as the hero in the story. This philosophy allows children to see both their own culture and other cultures and heritages in the books we share, providing a space to expand their minds between the pages.


Our mobile Performance Reader team is onsite every week to read and perform the book we give to the students, engaging and immersing them in the story through interactive play. The students follow along, developing vocabulary, inferencing skills and the ability to contextualize as they read with us. We have developed a curriculum guide so that teachers and librarians can tie the story into what they are teaching their students during the school year, weaving the narrative thread throughout the learning process. Once the students become comfortable we bring them into the spectacle as performance readers. Our goal is to make meaningful connections between their daily lives and the books, by introducing them to the idea that reading can be an amazing adventure.


Each student gets a book to take home and is given the opportunity to take advantage of a full scholarship to attend Camp Half-Blood, where the immersive engagement deepens.


If you are a title one school interested in bringing the Narrative Thread Project to your students, please contact us below.